China News Service, Fuzhou, October 30 (Lv Ming) The 2021 Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen ingenuity exchange event was held in Fuzhou on the 30th, attracting craftsmen from all over Fujian and Taiwan to participate in the exchange.

  Due to the obstruction of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the opening ceremony and award ceremony of the craftsmen's meeting were broadcast live across the Taiwan Strait through the Internet. Tainan set up a branch venue and connected to Tainan through a live webcast. Guests from the Taiwan venue participated in the live broadcast.

The picture shows the launch ceremony.

Photo by Lu Ming

  The organizer awarded the "Fujian Famous Craftsman" and other relevant honorary titles to the outstanding representatives of the craftsmen participating in the event.

The Tainan venue also issued commemorative certificates to the craftsmen who won the title of "Fujian and Taiwan Famous Craftsmen" in Taiwan.

The picture shows that at the Fuzhou venue, the organizer awarded the "Fujian Famous Craftsman" and other relevant honorary titles to the outstanding representatives of the craftsmen participating in the event.

Photo by Lu Ming

  In the subsequent "Fujian Craftsman Apprenticeship Ceremony", Fujian and Taiwan craftsmen masters were invited to serve as masters, and young craftsmen from Fujian and Taiwan were held as students in a traditional apprenticeship ceremony.

Taiwanese youths worship Fujian famous craftsmen as their teachers, and Fujian youths worship Taiwanese masters as their teachers, demonstrating the exchange and inheritance of traditional skills between Fujian and Taiwan.

The picture shows the Tainan venue interacting with the Fuzhou venue through video.

Photo by Lu Ming

  Chen Yiting, chairman of the Fuzhou Taiwanese Investment Enterprise Association, said that the spirit of craftsmanship is the respect and inheritance of skills, the persistence of the original intention, and it is also what we need to carry forward in the work of exchanges between Fujian and Taiwan.

I hope that the craftsmen in Taiwan will seize the development opportunities of the mainland and land in the first home of Taiwanese enterprises in Fuzhou, Fujian, to show their style, realize their ideals, and take roots of their own.

The picture shows Kang Guihong (left), a traditional lantern maker in Nantou, Taiwan, instructing his apprentice Ling Ye (right).

Photo by Lu Ming

  During the event, the Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen intangible cultural and creative forum, the Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen’s intangible cultural and artistic exchange meeting, and the Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen’s intangible artisan market were held one after another. Representatives of Fujian and Taiwan craftsmen were invited to discuss how to be in the tide of the times. Grasp the balance between inheritance and innovation.

The picture shows the apprenticeship ceremony of Fujian and Taiwan craftsmen.

Photo by Lu Ming

  The organizer stated that as a cultural event with Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen as the main cultural exchange content, this year's Fujian-Taiwan craftsmen's ingenuity exchange event will further expand the exchange effect on the basis of two consecutive years of activities, shorten the distance between Fujian and Taiwan craftsmen, and promote friendship. The bond with the teacher.

At the same time, we hope to show the craftsmanship through various Fujian and Taiwan craftsmen and ingenuity cultural experience activities, so as to better attract old Taiwanese craftsmen to come to Fujian to find the roots of their crafts, and to spread and teach traditional crafts.

The picture shows the illustration art display.

Photo by Lu Ming

  The event was sponsored by the Fujian Federation of Trade Unions, co-organized by Fuzhou Federation of Trade Unions, Fuzhou Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Tainan Cultural Association, and undertaken by Fujian Light Industry Federation, Fuzhou Gulou District Federation of Trade Unions, and Fuzhou Traditional Culture Promotion Association.