Jacques Serais, edited by Solène Leroux 11:10 am, October 29, 2021

Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden will meet this Friday in Rome, before the start of the G20.

A first meeting between the two presidents since the diplomatic incident caused by the Australian submarine crisis.

The time of this meeting has not yet been communicated.

The only certainty is that the exchange will take place in a French space in the Italian capital.


The Élysée insists on this point.

The meeting will be held at the French Embassy in Rome, near the Holy See, according to information obtained by Europe 1. It is not a meeting on neutral ground: it is Joe Biden who is visiting Emmanuel Macron… Symbolically, it is therefore the French President who receives the 46th President of the United States at his home.


 Submarine crisis: how Macron wants to respond

Warming up of Franco-American relations

A way for Paris to continue to show its muscles, a little over a month after the snub inflicted by the United States.

In the entourage of the Head of State, however, it is assured that the time has come for the warming of relations between Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden.

Washington has made amends, and Paris wants to move forward.

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All the more so as Emmanuel Macron wants to make his project a reality, while France will take the presidency of the European Union: to institute a real Europe of defense.

For this, he must reassure, at best convince, his counterpart that this project is complementary to NATO.

Will Joe Biden be sensitive to "At the same time" in diplomatic language?

There is no doubt that the photo of the handle between the two men will be analyzed at length.