(Taiwan Guanlan) The 9th Straits Youth Festival opens another season of cross-strait youth exchanges

  China News Service, Fuzhou, October 29 (Reporter Long Min) Just as the Taiwan Strait cannot stop the enthusiasm of youths from both sides of the strait, the new crown pneumonia epidemic cannot stop the hope of reunion of the youths on both sides of the strait.

On the 29th, the Ninth Strait Youth Festival was fully launched in Fuzhou. Youth on both sides of the Strait continued their relationship online and offline, gathered the power of youth, and opened another season of cross-strait youth exchanges.

  Since 2013, the Cross-Strait Youth Festival has been successfully held for eight times. It has created distinctive activities such as the Cross-Strait Youth Summit, Cross-Strait University Student Leadership Camp, and Cross-Strait University Student Entity Construction Competition, attracting 30,000 youths from both sides of the Strait to participate, becoming a cross-strait youth exchange The "Golden Signboard" for communication and harmony.

  Affected by the epidemic, various cross-strait exchange activities have been postponed or cancelled, but the Strait Youth Festival continues to be held, and the status of the platform has become more prominent.

It is particularly prominent that this year’s Straits Youth Festival has innovated the "N+N" cross-strait online and offline multi-city multi-point linkage model. Through the establishment of cross-strait branch venues, more Taiwan youths will participate in activities and further expand the scale of Taiwan youth participation. And coverage.

  Wu Fengjiao, deputy dean of a research institute on both sides of the Minnan Normal University, pointed out that due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic and the complex situation of cross-strait relations, cross-strait exchanges and personnel exchanges have been greatly hindered, but cross-strait youth exchanges and cooperation have not been interrupted; the content of the Strait Youth Festival passed The rich "cloud" communication methods effectively break through the barriers of space, and promote mutual understanding and friendship between the young people on both sides of the strait.

  Initiating another season of cross-strait youth exchanges, this Strait Youth Festival actively explores new channels and new paths for experiential exchanges between cross-strait youths under the normalization of epidemic prevention and control, and focuses on the concerns of youth in Taiwan.

  It can be seen from the event arrangement that this year’s Straits Youth Festival focuses on the theme of “cooperation, development and future”, adopting the form of online and offline integration, multi-site and multi-point linkage, and 24 events will be held throughout this year, covering maritime Fujian and digital economy. In many fields, including rural revitalization, community building, non-genetic inheritance, entrepreneurship and innovation, meteorological and environmental protection, culture and art, physical education, etc., youths from both sides of the strait are widely invited to participate in the design of activities, with more diverse forms and more creative content.

  Moreover, this year's Straits Youth Festival has released more than 1,200 high-quality jobs for Taiwan youths, providing opportunities and platforms for Taiwan youths to come to the mainland to pursue their dreams and build their dreams.

  In the Strait Youth Summit held in the afternoon, outstanding Taiwanese youths who have won various honorary titles from the mainland were invited to participate in the event. Combining hot topics such as Taiwan compatriots going to the mainland to vaccinate and lunar exploration projects, they shared stories of entrepreneurship, employment, study and life in the mainland, and showcased the youth on both sides of the strait. Responsibilities in areas such as cooperative anti-epidemic, technological innovation, rural revitalization, and community governance.

  Taking the Straits Youth Festival as a starting point, many Taiwanese youths have also started "another season" of entrepreneurship and employment on the mainland, and have found a stage to pursue their dreams, build their dreams, and realize their dreams.

  Through the 6th Strait Youth Festival, Taiwanese youth Zeng Zhiying was given the opportunity to participate in the renovation project of the Meicheng Yinji historical and cultural district in Minqing County, Fuzhou City in 2017.

In the past four years, she led the team to deeply participate in the construction of the first and second phases of the project, and established a firm foothold in Fuzhou through the project.

With this as a starting point, she began to explore the vast rural areas of the mainland, and used her "Taiwan experience" to make suggestions for rural revitalization.

  "I very much hope that the two sides of the strait can join hands and develop together." Zeng Zhiying, who came to participate in this Strait Youth Festival, said in an interview with a reporter from China News Agency.

  Relevant persons from the Fuzhou Municipal Government stated that this year’s Straits Youth Festival focuses on the cooperation between cross-strait youths and showcases the opportunities that the new era will bring to the growth of cross-strait youths. At the same time, they actively explore new ways of integrated development and experiential exchanges between cross-strait youths under the epidemic situation, and strive to develop in the new The stage will provide new opportunities and build a new platform for Taiwanese youth to come to the mainland for development.