Police in Naples

  • Killed at 17 in front of a church, war in Naples

  • Naples, supermarket robbery.

    Ukrainian tries to defend the cashier and is killed by thugs

  • Murder in Naples, 17 year old killed by a gunshot


07 September 2015 Again gunshots exploded wildly in the Soccavo area on the outskirts of Naples. The latest raids were carried out between yesterday afternoon and this morning: terror among the residents and some damage, but no one was injured.  

The first episode took place at 4.55 pm between via Montagna Spaccata and via Epomeo where residents reported a series of shots to the police. The agents found in the street a bullet and two Luger 9x21 caliber shells exploded, according to the testimonies collected, by six boys riding three scooters who wore not helmets but hoods. Two ogives were then discovered in the attic of a balcony on the second floor of a building in Via Epomeo. The owner of the house is a clean record.

The second episode at 20.20 yesterday in via del Discobolo, also in Soccavo. Here 4-5 scooters with some young people on board were the protagonists of the second raid. A shot lodged in the attic of another balcony on the third floor where a woman lives not known by the police. The police found 15 caliber 9 shells in via del Discobolo.

Last intimidating act this morning around 6.30 am in via Catone, in the Traiano district. Here the police found 21 Kalashnikov shells, an unexploded bullet and a fragment of a nose cone on the street. Seven gunshot wounds hit a French door of a 32-year-old cleanser. The gas and water pipes have been drilled, leading the companies concerned to close the supply of services. 

What has happened in the last few hours follows a series of similar events that have already occurred between last Friday and Saturday when 60 bullets were exploded between Kalashnikovs and guns between via Tertullianus and via Romolo and Remo, always in the same area.

Some bullets reached the window of a pizzeria run by a woman already known to the police.

Still shooting between Saturday and Sunday in via IV Novembre, where 9x21 caliber shells were found and via Bucoliche, also in the Soccavo district, where about forty 7.62 caliber rounds were exploded against the entrance, a wall and a car of a woman and two uncensored twin daughters.