It has been two weeks since the man in his 20s from Åstorp was shot several times at a subway at Närlunda in Helsingborg.

The very next day, a 20-year-old man was arrested in his absence on suspicion of attempted murder.

When he was arrested a week later, the title had changed: The shot man died of his injuries and the case is now a murder investigation.

How the two men know each other is unclear, but they both come from Åstorp and have previously been convicted of various crimes.

Both were taken care of as young people

During his teenage years, the victim lived in an HVB home to overcome a drug addiction, something that was later replaced by a SiS home after he allegedly threatened staff at the first accommodation.

According to a ruling from the administrative court, it has emerged that he moved in criminal circles.

He has been convicted of, among other things, assault, unlawful threats and drug offenses.

The suspect has been convicted of, among other things, robbery and various types of traffic offenses.

He was also taken into care as a teenager because there were already suspicions that he had ended up on a criminal path.

Until this spring, he was suspected in a drug crime case in another place in the country, but those suspicions have now been dismissed.

That drugs are the background to the incident in the subway is a theory that the police are working on.

Applied for protection

It now appears that the shot man already in August turned to the social services in his home municipality with a wish to be placed in an HVB home again.

The reason he stated was that he had received death threats.

The municipality of Åstorp immediately began an investigation, but before it could be completed, the man applied for a place in a shelter.

That application was granted on the same day, but after the decision, the man in his 20s could not be reached.

One and a half months later, he was murdered.

The municipality has now reported itself to the Swedish Health and Care Inspectorate, IVO, according to the Lex Sarah provision.

The notification states that the municipality will now review its routines for protection matters.

In the clip below, you can hear what the police did the day after the shooting at Närlunda.

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At present, the police see the two incidents, the shooting and the detonation, as unrelated, says police chief Karim Ottosson.

Photo: TT / SVT