China News Service, October 28. According to the WeChat official account of the Chinese Embassy in Uganda, on October 26, the Civil Aviation Administration of Uganda released the latest entry and exit measures at Entebbe International Airport and other ports. The main contents are as follows:

1. About inbound passengers

  The current global new crown pneumonia epidemic is still raging, and there is still a risk of new variant viruses imported from high-risk countries to Uzbekistan.

In view of the above, in order to further prevent and control the spread of the epidemic, the Uzbek government will implement mandatory nucleic acid testing measures for all incoming passengers at Entebbe International Airport and related ports. The specific requirements are as follows:

  (1) All inbound passengers, regardless of their country of origin, and regardless of whether they have been vaccinated, in addition to the negative nucleic acid test report sampled within 72 hours before boarding from the country of departure, must also receive it upon arrival at Uzbekistan Airport Mandatory nucleic acid testing.

For children under 6 years old, if their accompanying parents hold a negative nucleic acid test report, their entry compulsory nucleic acid test requirements can be exempted.

  (2) It is recommended that passengers visit the relevant link ( in advance before departing for Uzbekistan and pay online in advance for the nucleic acid test at the airport when they arrive in Uzbekistan (the standard fee is 30 US dollars).

Those who have not paid in advance can complete the payment via mobile payment, credit card, cash, etc. at the Uberbank service kiosk in the airport waiting area when they arrive in Uzbekistan.

  (3) After receiving nucleic acid testing and sampling at the airport, inbound passengers will be guided to go through immigration formalities, and leave the terminal to wait for the test results after picking up their baggage and passing through customs.

The test results will be sent to passengers via mobile phone text messages or WhatsApp within two and a half hours, and relevant information will also be released in the waiting area through broadcast and display screens.

  (4) Only passengers whose test results are negative can leave the waiting area for their final destination in Uzbekistan.

For passengers whose test results are positive, the Uzbek port health staff will quarantine them in accordance with the Uzbek Ministry of Health’s epidemic prevention operating procedures, provide them with social psychology support, and transfer them to Uzbek’s designated medical institutions for 7-day treatment (public The hospital can be treated free of charge, and you need to pay for the treatment if you choose to treat in a private hospital).

After the treatment, the nucleic acid test is performed again, and the result is negative and can be discharged from the hospital.

  (5) The Uzbek government will set up special tourism counters at the ports to provide necessary convenience for tourists who come to Uzbekistan.

Relevant tourists who are asymptomatic or mildly ill will be transferred to designated tourist hotels in Uganda for isolation, and those with severe symptoms will be transferred to relevant hospitals for treatment according to their wishes.

 2. About departing passengers

  Passengers departing through Entebbe International Airport are required to have a negative report of true nucleic acid test sampled within 72 hours before boarding [the report must indicate the purpose of sampling as "Travel"].

If the relevant requirements of the destination country are more stringent, the standards of the destination country shall prevail.

Departing passengers should understand the relevant anti-epidemic policies of the destination country in advance.

  3. The current Uzbek curfew measures are still continuing, but passengers with valid air tickets (boarding passes) can arrive and leave the airport normally.