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Our pick of the 5 perfect TVs for the PS5

  • Sony Bravia XR-65X90J OLED TV 

    : this TV uses new OLED technology.

    This gives the image much greater contrast and deeper blacks, which will be useful for truly enjoying the graphics of the PS5.

    The Bravia XR-6590J displays 4K UHD definition and a diagonal of 60 inches.

    Refreshed to 120 Hz, it also has a perfectly fluid image.

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  • The LG 48C1 OLED TV 

    : this model retains all the advantages of an OLED screen, but at a more affordable price.

    Its panel of a rather modest size (48 ") allows an installation in small living rooms. However, it retains a 4K UHD definition essential for the Sony console. The TV also has 4 HDMI ports allowing the connection of a multitude accessories.

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  • Samsung QE65Q80A QLED TV

     : Some brands have designed their own picture



    This is the case of Samsung, which offers its QLED technology with the QE65Q80A.

    This uses a method called Quantum Dot to raise the contrast, but also better manage the brightness of the image.

    Here, the QE65Q80A adds 4K UHD definition and 120Hz refresh. It is thus very promising for use on PS5.

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  • Panasonic TX-65FX780E TV

     : Most


    TVs use LEDs, but their lighting can be optimized by different methods.

    This Panasonic model is one of the Full Array Local Dimming models, a technology that dynamically manages the LEDs on each area of ​​the screen.

    The result is a more faithful image, a popular feature for gaming.

    The Panasonic TX-65FX780E also has HDR10 processing.

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  • Samsung QE65Q700T 8K QLED TV

     : While most games today are optimized for a 4K picture, future titles could be designed for 8K display.

    This Samsung model is therefore to be considered as an investment.

    HDR compatible, the QE65Q700T also uses Samsung's QLED technology for better color rendering.

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Some televisions are more suitable for the Sony console than others.

But don't forget to adjust your devices and choose your accessories.

Be sure to select HDMI 2.1 cables and not 2.0 or 1.4: this will be essential for optimizing 4K and 8K streams.

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