Chinanews, October 28th, a comprehensive report, on the evening of the 27th local time, US President Biden stated on the social networking site that his large-scale budget draft was "at your fingertips" and called on Democrats to "cross the finish line."

However, due to the opposition of key Democrats, this draft has been "slim down" from the earliest US$3.5 trillion, and there are still continuous differences.

Data map: Photo by Liao Pan, reporter from China News Agency, US President Biden

  The Democrats of the United States Congress launched a US$3.5 trillion budget framework for the 2022 fiscal year in August this year. It plans to increase investment in education, medical insurance, and climate change. Corporate tax increases.

But this draft has encountered differences of opinion within the Democratic Party.

  At the core of the current negotiations are Democratic Senators Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Since the Democrats must ensure that all 50 senators of that party vote in favor, their attitude is very important.

  Previously, Biden had given up free community colleges and agreed to reduce paid family leave (maternity leave) from 12 weeks to 4 weeks and many other concessions, but the shortened plan still cannot satisfy Manchin.

People familiar with the matter said that due to his opposition, this plan is unlikely to be included in the bill.

  The plan to impose a new surcharge on the rich is to win the support of another opponent, Sinema, to help solve the income problem. However, Manchin believes that it is unfair to the rich.

  The combined opposition of these two lawmakers put Biden's overall plan into chaos.

  The media also pointed out that any concession to Manchin may on the other hand attract the dissatisfaction of progressive lawmakers.

The paid leave is regarded as the core content of expanding the huge expenditure on social security.

This may make subsequent negotiations more complicated.

  Although a series of deadlines are looming, Democrats have been unable to reach an agreement internally, and externally, Republicans have overwhelmingly opposed the plan.

The best possibility right now is that the Democrats can reach a framework agreement before Biden starts his European tour on the 28th.

  At the White House press conference on the 27th, Spokesperson Psaki said that this possibility still exists and there is still time.