Does have a political color?

Why are you writing so much about the coronavirus?

And why don't you pay attention to topic X or Y?

During our monthly office hours with the editors you can ask all your editorial questions to our editor-in-chief.

Question time doesn't start until 12:00, but you can already send in your questions.

You can think of questions about us, our journalistic considerations and other editorial questions.

A separate consultation hour will be held for questions about our response platform NUjij.

Ask all your questions

The concept of the question session is simple: you ask your question under this article and Gert-Jaap Hoekman, editor-in-chief of, will answer the best and most frequently asked questions for an hour from 12.00.

The questions that will be answered will appear below the article.

For the sake of clarity, we do not publish the other questions.

Replies to answers will only be shown if they add something.