In a special session on Wednesday of next week, the Hessian state parliament will deal with the judgment of the state court on the special assets of the black-green government coalition.

The parliamentary groups of the SPD and FDP want to submit the application required for this.

They responded to the judgment announced on Wednesday, according to which the state government's authorization to take on debts of up to 12 billion euros in order to cope with the pandemic is against the constitution.

Ewald Hetrodt

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung in Wiesbaden.

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The parliamentary group chairmen Nancy Faeser (SPD) and René Rock (FDP) recalled that Prime Minister Volker Bouffier (CDU) turned down their offer to work together in the Corona crisis last year, but renewed it: “We shake hands with the state government in order to draw up a constitutional budget for the year 2022, which will provide the necessary funds to deal with the crisis. "

Faeser said that the state government was now "facing the smoking ruins of its bulldozer policy".

Rock spoke of a disaster.

It shows how arrogant the CDU is now governing.

"If the constitution stands in the way, it will simply be broken." Robert Lambrou, the leader of the AfD parliamentary group, called for the resignation of Finance Minister Michael Boddenberg (CDU).

Jan Schalauske, chairman of the left-wing parliamentary group, assessed the judges' restrictive interpretation of the debt brake as confirmation of his fundamental criticism of “this neoliberal instrument”.

It prevents determined state action in the crisis.

"Notes" evaluated and implemented

For the government coalition, parliamentary group chairmen Ines Claus (CDU) and Mathias Wagner (The Greens) stated that, according to the judgment of the State Court of Justice, loans for Corona aid are in principle compatible with the constitution. However, the judges had also decided “that the implementation of the borrowing should have been done with a different household technology. We take this decision very seriously. ”The necessary steps would now be taken quickly to take the judgment into account. "The most important signal" of the decision for all people and companies in Hesse is that the state's corona aid will continue, said Boddenberg. The current budget for the current year is in place, assured Boddenberg. "For the 2022 budget, which is currently being discussed by Parliament,we will make adjustments. ”So far, the country has launched 296 specific corona aid for more than 5.9 billion euros.

The court only complained about "the parliamentary way in which this aid is provided," said Boddenberg.

The "hints" would now be evaluated and implemented.

With the special fund, Hesse has taken a path that many federal states have chosen, added the finance minister.

"Many of my colleagues in the countries will therefore have to deal with today's judgment, across party lines."