In connection with North Korea's Kim Jong-un, who has recently been pointed out to look significantly thinner, South Korean intelligence agencies have lost about 20 kilograms from the previous 140 kilograms. Although it seems that there is no problem with the health condition, the analysis result was clarified.

It has been pointed out that North Korean General Secretary Kim Jung-eun has recently been remarkably thin due to his attendance at the military parade held last month. I also tell you that I am using.

In connection with this, the National Intelligence Service, a South Korean intelligence agency, reported on Kim's health condition during a parliamentary audit held on the 28th.

According to the members of the Diet who attended, the NIS analyzed using AI = artificial intelligence and high-resolution monitors, and found that they lost about 20 kilograms from the adult 140 kilograms, but they were in good health. He acknowledged that there was no problem.

He denied the "shadow warrior" theory, saying that "the" substitute theory "proposed in some cases has no basis."

Meanwhile, during a parliamentary audit, the National Intelligence Service said that there were signs that a nuclear facility in Nyongbyon, North Korea, had recently been put into operation, and that spent nuclear fuel may have been reprocessed. In addition, he said that he said, "This is the first time we have conducted a launch experiment, and we expect to conduct additional experiments," regarding the ultra-supersonic missile that was launched last month.