- The transition has gone completely according to plan and everything has gone as we intended at the beginning.

It feels very good.

Many have worked hard before the new transition, says Camilla Palmér, main project manager for the SMHI implementation project.

The majority have been positive about the new colors and think that the new system will be clearer, according to Camilla Palmér.

But a discussion that has arisen is the issue of color blindness, because the new weather system is based on different colors.

- We have been asked how we think with colors linked to color blindness.

But the symbols are not only excellent with colors, but also have different shapes.

Yellow is round, orange is a diamond and red is a triangle.

It's not just the different colors that are new to the weather system.

The new warnings are impact-based, which means that they take greater account of the impact of the weather in different places.

- Many people believe that only the colors are new, but the biggest difference is that the new warnings are impact-based, says Camilla Palmér, main project manager of the SMHI implementation project.

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WEATHER: So the new warnings will help you make better decisions Photo: SVT