The collision course between the Polish government and the EU is becoming more and more expensive for the country.

With the penalty that has now been imposed, Poland has to pay one and a half million euros every day because it disregards the decisions of the European Court of Justice.

In addition, there are EU funds in the billions, the disbursement of which becomes less likely with each increase.

Nevertheless, a relent in Warsaw is not to be expected.

The government of the national conservative PiS is getting further and further into rhetoric that makes it impossible for it to find a face-saving way out.

Until recently it was only the agitators in the PiS who put the EU in line with the National Socialist occupiers during the Second World War, now Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki is already talking about the threatening “Third World War” of the EU against Poland.

It would be wrong to see only theatrical thunder in it.

It is a symptom of the mentality of this government, which also has no compromises in domestic politics, but only temporary tactical withdrawals.

It would be pointless to approach her now.

The PiS government leaves no more leeway for political bartering.

The dispute over the rule of law is about the foundations of the EU.

So it has to be tough.

In the long term, the EU is acting more in the interests of Poland than its current government.