China News Service, October 27. According to Russian Satellite Network, on the 26th local time, German President Steinmeier announced the end of his term of office at the government's retirement ceremony and officially handed it to Merck, who has served as German Chancellor for 16 years. you.

On January 26, local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel delivered a speech to the World Economic Forum "Davos Agenda" Dialogue via video in Berlin.

The picture shows a live speech shot in Berlin that day.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Peng Dawei

  According to reports, the number of guests and reporters has been limited due to the restrictions on the new crown epidemic.

Steinmeier also handed over the notice of the end of his term to Deputy Chancellor Olaf Schultz, other ministers of the Merkel government, and Minister of the German Chancellery Braun.

  Steinmeier had previously asked Merkel to continue to perform the duties of prime minister until the next prime minister was appointed.

  The new German Bundestag was convened for the first time on October 26, and the 53-year-old Deputy Chairman of the Social Democratic Party’s parliamentary group Belle Bass was elected as the new speaker.

According to German law, the current government should step down and become the caretaker cabinet on the day when the new Bundestag is convened for the first time.