Iran is ready to resume nuclear talks in Vienna before the end of November.

The Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister and nuclear negotiator Ali Baqeri Kani said in Brussels after a meeting with the EU's Deputy Foreign Representative, Enrique Mora. 

Rainer Hermann

Editor in politics.

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Since the election of the new Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in June, no negotiations had taken place with the three E3 countries Germany, France and Great Britain.

The six rounds of negotiations before that, however, were intense and specific, they say.

Now Iran wants to talk about the “remaining differences” and “result-oriented negotiations”, wrote Baqeri Kani, who was already involved in the nuclear negotiations under President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

Iran is particularly urging for sanctions easing and American commitments not to undermine them.

Baqeri Kani called the talks with Mora "very constructive".

It was the second meeting of the two in a short time.

However, the EU made it clear that the negotiations in Vienna alone are the valid format.

Contrary to what was reported in the Iranian Avoid, the E3 countries had not received an Iranian invitation to a meeting, the Foreign Office said.

Rather, Iran has rejected a proposal for a meeting during the Iranian deputy foreign minister's trip to Europe.

However, the E3 states are still ready to meet.

Violation of the 2015 agreement

Since the sixth and, for the time being, last round of negotiations, Iran has continued to violate its commitments made in the 2015 agreement.

So Iran has enriched more uranium than was determined and to a higher degree.

As a result, the process of making an atomic bomb has become shorter, and concerns about Iran's proliferation potential have increased.

A challenge will therefore be to find technical solutions to extend this “break-out” time.

The Iranian leadership is presumably ready to return to the negotiating table because of the dramatically deteriorating economic situation.

Most recently, even regime-friendly groups such as the family members of fallen soldiers have made the leadership aware of their situation with rallies.

In addition to the sanctions, the pandemic and a drought are contributing to the crisis.

If negotiations were to take place again in Vienna, it would also be easier to get into talks with Iran on regional issues such as Afghanistan