A cow emerged alive from a manure pit three meters deep where she had nevertheless remained submerged for nearly 20 hours in Azoudange (Moselle).

The animal was discovered by its owner on Tuesday.

The heifer struggled to keep her nostrils and her eyes above the slurry.

Thirty specialized rescuers dispatched to the site worked for more than two hours to extract it, says

Le Républicain Lorrain


Divers, animal rescue experts, members of the perilous environment intervention group and firefighters have joined forces in particular.

They first thought urgently about the tactics to adopt and then they took action.

The cow was pushed towards one of the edges of the pit.

To be able to hoist it out of the hole, a rope was passed around the neck which the animal stretched using its last strength.

Never-before-seen survival skills

Once released, the cattle suffered the blow for several minutes before getting back on its own.

"It's incredible that she is still alive," said the breeder who owns the cow.

In twenty years, there had never been such an accident.

Just a fox, which had fallen in… He did not come out alive.


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