President Biden of the United States has announced at an online summit meeting with the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that he will support 102 million dollars for measures against the new corona virus and about 11.6 billion yen in Japanese yen, and his presence is increasing. With China in mind, we strongly emphasized our stance of strengthening cooperation with Southeast Asian countries.

The summit meeting between the United States and ASEAN member countries for the first time in four years was held online on the 26th.

In this, President Biden said, "The free and open Indo-Pacific has been the cornerstone of security and prosperity of the United States and ASEAN for decades, and the relationship between the two is very important to maintain this. He emphasized his focus on Southeast Asia.

On top of that, it announced that it would support 102 million dollars and about 11.6 billion yen in Japanese yen for measures against the new coronavirus and climate change.

President Biden also said, "No matter how big and powerful a country is, it must compete fairly according to the law," keeping in mind China's growing military and economic presence.

The Biden administration has sent Vice President Harris and Secretary of Defense Austin one after another in the summer to strengthen cooperation with Southeast Asian countries in countering China, and this announcement of support strongly emphasized this stance. It is a shape.