United Kingdom: London police again plunged into turmoil

London police are once again in the hot seat for their handling of the disappearance of two sisters.


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Scotland Yard does not end with embarrassing business.

A police investigation has highlighted the "




of the London police to the disappearance in June 2020 of two sisters, found dead in a park in Wembley.


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On June 7, 2020, London police received a call, reporting the disappearance of two sisters, Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.

But no search is launched, and it is ultimately friends and family who find the lifeless bodies of the two stabbed sisters.  

The investigation by the police of the police (IOPC) revealed flaws in the processing of the information received for the research.

Proceedings have been initiated against three members of the police force to improve their professional conduct and Scotland Yard has apologized to the family of Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman.

But according to the mother of one of the victims, this apology comes ten months too late.

A 19-year-old man was convicted in July by the courts of the murder of the two women.

And two police officers were charged with serious misconduct in the performance of their duties for having photographed themselves at the scene of the double murder and having shared the pictures.

The case of the two sisters puts the London police again on the spot.

The prestigious

Metropolitan Police

 has already been in turmoil since the murder and rape of Londoner Sarah Everard.

A police officer was sentenced to life earlier this month after his superiors are accused of ignoring a series of alarming signals about the officer's behavior. 

The head of Scotland Yard had said - again - " 

terribly sorry


But Cressida Dick knows she will have a lot to do to rebuild Londoners' confidence in Scotland Yard. 

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