In 2020, 419 people moved from Lycksele, while 461 people moved in, which means that for the first time in several years, the municipality had a positive net move-in of 42 people.

- Very gratifying, several companies in the municipality have done well during the pandemic and newly hired, says municipal councilor Roland Sjögren (KD).

A challenge for the municipality is the housing market.

Today there are few vacant villas and few homes for the elderly who want to leave the villa.

- That is why we are now building a secure home and developing more attractive plots for housing construction, says Roland Sjögren.

Close to coast and mountains

For several years, Lycksele has had a large proportion of employees who commute to the municipality for work.

Now the municipal council wants to see that more people choose to settle in the municipality and commute to work in another place instead.

- We must be the municipality where you live, we are close to both mountains, coast and cities, we see this as a competitive advantage when people choose where to settle.

He himself chooses to commute by train as often as possible, even though the connection on certain routes has its limitations.

Hear what challenges there are with commuting to work and how Lycksele should get more people to settle in the municipality, in the clip.