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A plummeting price on the iPhone 13 at SFR

To take advantage of this preferential rate, you will need to subscribe to the 5G 120 GB package, a mobile offer with a 24-month commitment.

By choosing payment in one go with subscription to the 120 GB package at € 28 / month, the normal price of the iPhone 13 (€ 909 at Apple) goes to € 471.

And it is possible to lower this price even further.

People who fall for the 5G 160 GB (45 € / month) or unlimited (60 € / month) plans will be able to get the phone for only 321 €.

You will also benefit from payment facilities: paid in 24 installments, the iPhone 13 sees its price drop to € 129 on the 160 GB package. Take the time to find out about these 5G packages: they will provide you with mobile data in particular that can be used at abroad.

Take advantage of the iPhone 13 offer at SFR

The iPhone 13, Apple's new flagship

In addition to offering access to 5G, SFR's good plan is a good opportunity to discover Apple's new smartphone.

Available in four versions, the iPhone 13 has won over many people since its launch.

Offered by the operator in its standard version, the device seeks a compromise between a high computing capacity, a more accessible price and a small footprint.

Its 6.1-inch screen offers a relatively spacious OLED panel while allowing easy storage in a pants pocket.

Inside, this same compromise is present: the iPhone 13 incorporates the new A15 Bionic chip promising good performance.

But if the Pro and Pro Max versions have 6 GB of RAM, the iPhone 13 has 4, which allows it to reduce its price while meeting the needs of common applications.

This smartphone remains compatible with 5G, the brand new network giving access to new types of service and much greater bandwidth.

Its dual photo sensor, with its 12 megapixel sensors, should allow you to take pretty pictures quickly.

The offer following the launch of the iPhone 13 by Apple, you will not have to hang around to find this smartphone at a low price.

As a product of an iconic company, this new iPhone is a sure bet whose reliability is beyond doubt.

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