The Medienanstalt Berlin-Brandenburg (MABB) has closed the proceedings against the online offer "KenFM" by the publicist Ken Jebsen.

This was announced by an MABB spokeswoman.

The offer has not existed for around three months.

Instead, users are redirected to the “” page.

As it says there, Jebsen is "active in the background" as a consultant for the new offer.

The MABB initiated the proceedings against "KenFM" last spring.

At that time it was said that the medium had made some adjustments after a notice from the media authority and, for example, cited additional sources for allegations.

However, these changes are not yet sufficient to meet journalistic due diligence.

Because a Berlin address is also given as the place of business in the imprint of "", the MABB is also responsible for overseeing the new offer.

While Jebsen himself was registered as the provider at “KenFM”, the imprint of “” names Lena Lampe as the managing director.

The MABB spokeswoman said that the use of "" is still being examined.

The site includes, among other things, an archive with old "KenFM" posts.

Former RBB journalist Jebsen is a prominent figure in the new right-wing scene.

Among other things, he claimed that the United States orchestrated the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Jebsen's YouTube channel, which was also called "KenFM", had the video portal permanently blocked at the beginning of the year.