The National Ombudsman is going to investigate a spiritual meeting at Rusthof cemetery in Leusden.

A group held a séance in the children's section of the site in September to explore "spiritual energies" of the deceased.

They had received permission to do so from the cemetery management.

Despite letters with explanations, the issue is causing a lot of unrest in Amersfoort.

The meeting came to light because the father of a deceased child had found a camera on Rusthof.

It featured a video of a ritual around a children's grave outside the cemetery's opening hours.

An employee of the cemetery accompanied the group.

According to the management of Rusthof, the group needed rest because of the investigation.

The management recently sent all fifteen thousand relatives of people buried at Rusthof a letter with an explanation.

Mayor Lucas Bolsius of Amersfoort, who asked the ombudsman to conduct an investigation, did so.

In it he admits that it would have been better not to have given permission.

Amersfoort is also investigating what exactly happened at the cemetery.

According to the municipality, the ombudsman's investigation is necessary to "restore confidence and to be able to carefully answer many questions".

The ombudsman will speak with, among others, parents of deceased children.

The outcome of the investigation is expected within a few weeks.

House rules have been drawn up with Rusthof and the Public Prosecution Service (OM) is investigating whether there has been grave robbery, according to the municipality.