Wings compete to offer children fun experiences and discoveries

Laughing, finding and playing... A recipe for surprise in the "Expo"

  • Photography: Youssef Al Harmoudi.


With the increasing turnout of visitors from inside and outside the Expo 2020 Dubai, and the agenda of the international exhibition crowded with events and qualitative activities, the exceptional event imposes itself today as the most attractive destination, with its various surprises suitable for all options and ages.

In particular, Expo Dubai attracts families to visit the exhibition more than once, and spend enjoyable times with their children, who found in the exceptional event what satisfies their ambitions, especially within the corridors of the pavilions that compete to provide unique experiences and satisfy the tastes of future generations with activities that combine entertainment and interest.

"Future Farm"

"Emirates Today" monitors attractions for young visitors that cannot be missed, as it includes a unique mixture of childlike fun and learning experiences at the same time, foremost of which is the "Future Farm" experience, a dedicated educational center in which children can learn about the types of plants that grow Naturally in the desert, following the movement of fish that live in the Arabian Sea.

They can also enjoy the “Latifah Playground” experience, a delightful interactive space in which youngsters can play, jump to discover the “Zero Gravity” room, and then travel to experience the available version of the “Hope Probe” for the UAE.

As for the United States pavilion, the future generation who dream of exploring space can go to the upper section of the pavilion, to touch the moon rock that is more than 3.5 billion years old, which was collected during one of the “Apollo” missions, in addition to seeing a sample of the Martian meteorite found in Antarctica. South and the Mars rover model.

In parallel with all these groundbreaking experiences, children will also learn about the history of the peoples in the Filipino Pavilion, in which they interact with an adventurous and playful cartoon character named Ube Boy, the icon of the Grand Pavilion, by introducing them to the ancestry of Filipinos and their 4,000-year culture, as this character translates Fun, the local identity of the country, by employing animation to ensure the interaction of the children's class and benefit.

As for “Beit Al Hamour”, the artistic and community project inspired by “One Thousand and One Nights”, it hosts daily workshops for children, highlighting the continuous destruction of coral reefs in the ocean, and through which young people become aware of the importance and value of preserving the environment and precious natural treasures.


If the children are looking for experiences of suspense and excitement, they only have to experience the Indian pavilion tiger even once at the “Expo”, where the tiger appears at night to visitors across the front of the pavilion, in a scene that amazes the audience, and simulates the slow and majestic movement of the animal and its roaming inside the pavilion.

If the parents really want to amaze the little ones, they should try the Dutch Pavilion, which will take them on an expedition about how to collect water from the air, and see it raining in the desert.

This pavilion also introduces them to an experience of astonishment and awe, by descending four meters into a cold basement and a complex intertwined structure before obtaining a white canopy that quickly turns into a display screen with stunning images.

For those looking for fairy tale experiences, the Tonga Pavilion offers a very interesting interactive feature that invites its explorers to visit the “Enchanted Forest”, which is filled with motion sensors, which push flowers to bloom as soon as children approach it, which arouses their curiosity and admiration.


At Expo 2020 Dubai, it is difficult to miss the opportunity of the exceptional experience offered by the Brazil Pavilion for children, which distinguishes it from others, with its large medium water pool for the place, which tempts everyone to take off their shoes, wet their feet and feel refreshed.

The experience of the four walls surrounding the pool, which display illuminated images of huge waterfalls, is comparable to the scenery of natural waterfalls.

As for the Dome Hall ball court, it is one of the most fun experiences in the Hungarian Pavilion, where youngsters can enjoy a rest and play, and jump into a swimming pool filled not with water, but with plastic balls that simulate snowballs.

In the Monaco pavilion, children can participate in the rescue of a penguin child and help guide him home, through an experience similar to the experiences of the cold Antarctic, which young and old reach, through a walkway completely covered with mirrors, which serves as the interactive visual scene of the place, in which the robotic penguins roam. The giant penguin statues illustrate the general commitment to tackling climate change.

• "Beit Al Hamour", inspired by "One Thousand and One Nights", hosts daily workshops for children.

• It is difficult to miss the opportunity to experience the Brazil Pavilion for children.

• The Dome Hall ball court is one of the most fun experiences in the Hungarian Pavilion.

• In the US Pavilion, kids can touch a moon rock.

• The tiger of the Indian wing appears at night to visitors as if it was wandering inside the wing.

Delicious food..from Sweden to Australia

The natural forest experiences that Sweden showcases in its pavilion do not seem far from tempting adults and children to discover them, with the unprecedented surprises they offer that fascinate their discoverers.

So, as soon as you reach this favorite destination for many, make sure that you get a view not only of the many trees, which were brought from the Scandinavian country, but also a cup of delicious coffee from the cafe of a famous Swedish brand.

In the China Pavilion, they can experience the most delicious and delicious traditional Chinese dishes and the feisty panda robot located on the upper floor of the pavilion.

If curiosity leads them to more discoveries, they can head to the Australian Pavilion for a taste of the delicious roasted Gaffles.