Parents considered it useless and a psychological burden on them

Kindergarten admission tests are incapacitating for young children

  • Muhammad Ahmed Darwish: “The policy of registration and acceptance of students in the authority keeps pace with the diversity of educational curricula.”


Parents demanded the cancellation of admission tests to register students in kindergarten, because it constitutes a psychological burden on children, and does not determine the true level of their interaction or educational attainment, especially for students who have not enrolled in Kindergarten 1 (KG1), and leads to confusion of parents' plans.

They considered that the admission tests are an incapacitating condition for students to be accepted into kindergarten, in addition to being useless, noting that the tests include a test in letters and numbers, in addition to a personal interview, while many students did not enroll in kindergarten during the previous two years. Due to the conversion of education to “virtual”, as a result of the “Corona” pandemic.

The Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai commented that the student's evaluation before registration is primarily related to the curriculum policy applied by the school and approved by international accreditation bodies.

The assistant principal of a private school stressed that choosing to accept students aims to ensure the student's ability to learn, pointing out the need for the school to clarify the reasons for refusing to accept the student to his guardian.

Muhammad Saeed, (the guardian of a student), considered that the admission tests for students in the kindergarten stage are not “fair” and confuse the family’s plans, because the student is at a young age, and does not have enough experience to interact with the teacher or administrator who conducts the interview or test for him, and needs to A time to acquire the skill of interaction through the school, indicating that some students may interact well, but not all students can be considered at this level.

He called on private schools to reconsider and cancel the admission tests, because they are not a valid criterion for determining the student's personality, and the extent to which his educational level will improve in the future.

Hiam Abdel-Sabour, (Taleb's mother), considered that the admission tests for students in kindergarten represent a psychological burden on the children, adding: “I submitted to my child in more than one private school, and most of them did not contact us again, or explain the reasons for the refusal, and when we contacted her, she confirmed that she had contacted us. With parents of accepted students only.

She pointed out that some schools refuse to accept most students, since the priority of registration is for the brothers of the students registered with them, noting that one of the schools stipulated that the father and mother be proficient in the English language, in addition to the student's success in the admission tests.

Emad Ibrahim, (Taleb's father), stated that schools require the student to know letters, numbers and colors, before entering kindergarten, and to know the names of some things in English.

For his part, the Executive Director of the Permits and Compliance Sector at the Knowledge and Human Development Authority in Dubai, Muhammad Ahmed Darwish, said that the policy of registration and admission of students in the authority keeps pace with the diversity of educational curricula applied in the emirate, and provides the necessary flexibility for each school to develop an internal mechanism for student admission, in line with The capabilities of the school, achieve the interest of the student, and keep pace with the regulatory controls and laws in force.

He pointed out that the school's evaluation of the student before registration is linked primarily to the educational curriculum policy applied by the school, which is approved by international accreditation bodies, in addition to the internal mechanism used in each school, according to its capabilities to ensure the student's interest, and in an effort to enhance opportunities for excellence for all students.

Student registration mechanisms

The Assistant Director of Al-Ittihad School, Al-Mamzar Branch, Abdul Razzaq Haj Mawas, stated that the purpose of student admission tests in schools, in general, including kindergarten students, is to diagnose the student’s level and to know the appropriate mechanisms and procedures for this student when registering in the school.

He added that the private school is required to explain the reasons for refusing to accept the student to his guardian, so that the reasons for the refusal are logical, such as the class capacity or others.

With regard to kindergarten students, the personal interviews that take place for the student do not depend on skills, but to determine the student’s response, the extent to which he accepts learning patterns, and determines his tendencies and desires, explaining that some cases of children do not tend to interact or respond to educational methods, and therefore the interview recommends That if he is accepted, he needs different methods of dealing, in order to advance his educational and interactive level.

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