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Japan, where the number of new coronavirus cases has significantly decreased, all restrictions on restaurant business hours and alcohol sales have been lifted from yesterday (25th).

Tokyo's night streets are more lively than before, but concerns about re-proliferation still persist.

Correspondent Yoo Seong-jae looked around.

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night streets of Tokyo last night when all restrictions on restaurant night business were lifted for the first time in 11 months.

This is the central shopping street of Shimbashi, Tokyo.

All the signboards that used to be dimly lit up, and the number of people walking on the streets has increased dramatically.

I left the main road and went into the alley.

As small restaurants close together began to open at night, solicitors became busy again, and office workers on their way home from work were found everywhere.

Most of them were welcoming, saying that pre-Corona daily life had begun to return.

The floating population of Tokyo's major downtown areas increased by up to 31% yesterday compared to the previous week.




worker: If possible, I would like to have a meal with my colleagues on the way home from work.]

On the first day after the restrictions were lifted, there was an atmosphere of enjoying much freedom, but there were also voices concerned that the infection might hit the bottom again and spread. I heard it everywhere.

[Office worker: As the number of people increases at each store, the density will increase accordingly.]

[Koike/Tokyo Governor: (Until November) It will be a period to thoroughly take basic infection prevention measures.]

Some restaurants that were open all night before business restrictions The chains are planning to extend their business hours after monitoring the situation a little more.

(Video coverage: Chul-min Han, Hyun-jin Moon, Edit: Jin-hwa Choi)