The struggle of badly agreed partners between ERC and Junts Per Catalunya has a new open front in Parliament with the attempt of the president of the Chamber,

Laura Borràs

, to modify the internal regulations to protect herself against future movements of justice in the cause in the one that is imputed. An initiative, announced on Monday night without prior notice, and raised this Tuesday unilaterally by Borràs at the Parliamentary Table, with the endorsement of the institution's lawyers, given the possibility that the JxCat leader will end up disabled when the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) for splitting contracts. Presumably to favor a friend, in her time as president of the Institució de les Lletres Catalanes.

The Borràs movement, whose intentions were too crude for ERC and the CUP to look the other way, ended up turning against them. None of the parties endorsed the claims of the president of the Chamber, showing her loneliness and nerves due to the case in which she is being investigated.

Borràs appeared at the Table embracing a report from the Chamber's lawyers that proposes, with the argument of improving the wording of some articles of the internal regulations, eliminate the entire point that indicates that in cases in which the accusation is for crimes linked to corruption, and once the opening of the oral trial is final, it must "agree to suspend parliamentary rights and duties immediately."

A scenario in which the president of the Parliament can be found in the middle of the current Catalan legislature.

At the Board meeting, Borràs asked the groups to constitute the presentation without further delay, to create the necessary parliamentary commission and thus be able to subsequently approve the changes to the regulations in a plenary session, provided that it had an absolute majority.

All groups except (and with nuances) JxCat were opposed and the CKD was the most significant negative.

The Deputy Secretary General of the Republicans,

Marta Vilalta,

defended at a press conference that it is "necessary" to leave the House regulations as they are.

"We continue to feel comfortable in that reform where the mechanism that serves to fight against possible cases of corruption was included," added Vilalta, who underlined, in this regard, his opposition to promoting possible amendments to the regulations based on "particular cases ".

For her part, the CUP spokesperson,

Eulalia Reguan

t charged against the amendment proposal presented by the parliament's lawyers, in tune with Borràs' interests, and assured that "what they have done is to go much further than those who corresponds to them "in their functions. Even the JxCat spokesperson,

Mònica Sales

, avoided clarifying whether JxCat openly supports the rule change suggested by its leader and president of the Chamber.

Criticism of Borràs' attempt was also unanimous in opposition parties.

The PSC spokeswoman,

Alicia Romero

, recalled that it is up to the parliamentary groups to promote possible legislative changes, and not the Board.

Juan Garriga

, spokesman for Vox, considered that "it is a new example of how the separatists use Catalan institutions at their service and to protect their pockets."

Carlos Carrizosa

, from Cs, accused Borràs of wanting to reform the regulation through the "back door" in order to "screw himself into office."

Alejandro Fernández

, president of the Catalan PP, urged the president of the Chamber to leave office.

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