• Cinema The shooting of actor Michael Massee who accidentally killed Brandon Lee on a set, as happened to Alec Baldwin

  • Tragedies Ukrainian, 42 years old ... This was Halyna Hutchins, the woman Alec Baldwin killed by accident

  • Reactions Speaks the family of Halyna Hutchins, who was accidentally killed by Alec Baldwin: "I do not hold you responsible"

  • Families Brandon Lee's sister: "No one should kill themselves with a gun on set"



of the director of photography

Halyna Hutchins

by a shot fired by the actor

Alec Baldwin

last Thursday, during the filming of the movie


, has shocked half the world and has caused Baldwin himself to have paralyzed all his activity due to shock suffered by this serious incident. An unfortunate and sinister event that has

recalled the terrible death

of actor Brandon Lee, son of Bruce Lee, during the filming of the movie

The Raven

in March 1993.

The parallelism between both deaths has been so commented that

Lee's fiancée

, Eliza Hutton, when he lost his life has


28 years after his death to speak loudly and clearly about what, in his opinion, happened at that time and how this new death should have been stopped.

In exclusive statements to



, Eliza has asserted that Halyna's death in New Mexico

could have been prevented

: "28 years ago, I was devastated by the shock and pain of losing the love of my life, Bandon Lee, for that nonsense. Now my heart is damaged again

thinking about the husband and the son

by Halyna Hutchins, and by all who have been touched in the wake of this preventable tragedy. "

See this post on Instagram

In the same interview, Lee's fiancee, at the same time dared to make an important


to those responsible for the management of the filming to do everything in their power to avoid a catastrophe like this: "I urge people who are in a position to

make changes

to consider alternatives to real weapons on the sets."

This has not been Hutton's only gesture in memory of his late love.

During this week, he has

published an image on his



in which he appears with Brandon months before his death.

Specifically, it is a snapshot of October 1992 coinciding with

the day of their engagement.

Along with the image, Eliza wrote: "There is nothing like a prop gun", referring to the type of weapon that is used in this type of shoot.

A real or adapted weapon for firing blank bullets.

Lee and Hutton had

dated their marriage

to April 17, 1993, after filming for

The Raven



Just over 15 days after Brandon's fateful death.

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