On Tuesday, floods ravaged Catania, Sicily's second largest city, killing at least one.

A 53-year-old man drowned while trying to get out of his car, notes the Italian daily

Correirere della sera


Other Sicilian towns were affected by heavy rains, due to a hurricane from the Mediterranean.

A couple of 67 and 61 years was notably swept away by the floods in Scordia on Sunday, of which only the body of the husband has been found for the moment.

Videos are circulating on Twitter showing in particular the streets of downtown Catania covered by meters of water, proof of the devastation of the storm.

🌊🔴 Catania (Sicily) under water: since yesterday torrential rains have hit southern Italy.

Blame it on #medicane, a hurricane from the Mediterranean.

The mayor of the city speaks of "exceptional unprecedented events".


- Alexandre Le Naour (@AlexLeNaour) October 26, 2021

Rivers have risen from their beds all over the island, as landslides affect circulation.

The storm hit the land but also the sea, several ships being in difficulty in the waves and sending signals to reach a port as quickly as possible.


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