A tragedy occurred in the locker rooms of the Léon-Fréchet stadium at half-time of a football match, in La Bâtie-Montgascon (Isère), Sunday relates

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A player from the Montgasconnaise Sports Union collapsed, the victim of a heart attack.

Two volunteer firefighters were present inside the stadium.

They quickly gave a cardiac massage to the goalkeeper, aged 43, while waiting for the arrival of help.

A team of Samu, in turn, tried to resuscitate the victim.

But, after an hour of effort, the death was pronounced on the spot.

"All the players are upset"

Licensed at the club for three years, the 40-year-old was first manager for two years before joining the team as a player since the start of the season.

“All the players are upset.

Witnessing a death like that is brutal and shocking, ”testified to our colleagues from



Nicolas Solier, the mayor of La Bâtie-Montgascon.

For the most affected players and supervisors, psychological support may be offered to them.

A week earlier, in Avignon (Vaucluse), an amateur footballer had died after being uneasy on the pitch.

There too, the efforts of the other players and the rescuers had not made it possible to resuscitate the victim.


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