The Biden administration in the United States has announced that it will exclude foreigners under the age of 18 from measures that require foreigners entering the country to complete vaccination with the new coronavirus.

This was announced by the White House in the United States on the 25th.

According to this, regarding measures to oblige foreigners entering Japan after the 8th of next month to complete vaccination, when entering Japan by air from Japan etc., ▼ under 18 years old and ▼ people who cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons, etc. Means to exclude from the target.

Of these, for those aged 2 to 18 years old, ▼ If traveling with an adult who has completed vaccination, a negative test will be proved within 3 days before departure, and ▼ If there is no adult, a test within 1 day before departure I'm asking you to prove negative.

In addition, those who cannot be vaccinated due to health reasons must ▼ prove that they are not eligible for vaccination by the specified method and ▼ prove negative by a test within 1 day before departure.

On the other hand, immigrants aged 18 and over who do not meet these conditions will be presented with documents issued by a public institution showing that more than two weeks have passed since vaccination before boarding the aircraft, and the test will be negative within three days before departure. Need to prove.

In addition, we require airlines to provide contact information so that US public agencies can follow up after entry.

The US government has announced that the vaccines covered so far have been approved by the US FDA = Food and Drug Administration and WHO = World Health Organization.