The reason why many people get sick from RS virus, and also flu virus, now is because it has not circulated in society for almost two years, according to Malin Ryd Rinder.

- There is a high spread of infection in society in terms of RS virus.

There are very many who do not have a good immunity to these viruses and now that they come back when the covid has sunk away, there are very many who get sick at the same time, she says.

Södertälje Hospital also receives many children who have problems.

- Södertälje Hospital has not received any extra resources other than what we are trying to achieve in increased staffing within our own framework.

She continues:

 - We know that November to February are infection months and in normal cases we can put in extra staffing resources, these resources are now already deployed, says Hillevi Nilsson, operations manager at Akuten and Närakuten at Södertälje hospital