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The Dow Jones finished on a new record, after that of Friday, at 35,741.15 points, up 0.18%.

The broad index also peaked at 4,566.48 points, up 0.47%, while the Nasdaq also closed in the green, taking 0.90%, to 15,226.70 points.

"We always advise investors to focus on the earnings season," said Sam Stovall, head of investment strategy at CFRA.

"This is normally when the market performs best," he continued, "because companies control the flow of ads, rather than other information, which is often negative."

The warning on the results of the specialist in hygiene products Kimberly-Clark (Kleenex and Huggies diapers in particular), before market, was not enough to tarnish the good mood of the operators.

The consumer giant has thus reflected in its forecasts the cost increases and supply problems, which earned it to yield 2.20% Monday, to 130.11 dollars.

As for Facebook, although it missed the target for turnover and the number of users in the third quarter, published after market close, its title was nonetheless up in electronic exchanges after the close ( + 3.96% to 341.70 dollars).

"There is a positive bias," insisted Sam Stovall, despite fears about a slowdown in the economy and especially about inflation which is settling a little more into the landscape every day, after having been under control for almost 30 years.

“We think inflation is a problem,” says Sam Stovall, “but it's not for now. It's mid-next year that it's going to start to really have an impact on the market. "

In the meantime, "we are seeing signs that the market could rise further during the last two months of the year," said Ryan Detrick, head of strategy for LPL Financial.

On the market, it is Tesla (+ 12.66% to 1,024.86 dollars) which caught the eye on Monday and crossed, for the first time, a trillion market capitalization.

The automaker has thus joined a very closed circle, which includes Amazon, Alphabet (Google), Saudi Aramco, Microsoft and Apple.

The fuse had been lit even before the market opened, with the announcement of a massive order from Tesla for 100,000 vehicles by the rental company Hertz, which wants to develop its offer of electric cars, still in limited quantities in its sector.

In another corner of the tech and internet sector, Pinterest slipped (-12.71% to $ 50.68) after PayPal announced on Sunday that it was not "currently" interested in a takeover of the platform that mixes site for creators and social network.

PayPal, on the other hand, has gained ground (+ 2.70% to 246.88 dollars).

The young cryptocurrency company Bakkt was put into orbit (+ 234.43% to 30.60 dollars) by the announcement of a partnership with Mastercard, which will focus on the issuance of credit or debit cards offering loyalty points in virtual currency.

In its wake, digital currency exchange platform Coinbase climbed 8.21% to $ 325.54.

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