On October 23, local time, Colombian President Duque announced that the Colombian government had arrested the country’s major drug lord Dairo Antonio Usuga that same day.

On the same day, the Colombian government released the scene of Usuga’s arrest.

  The Colombian government sent a total of 500 soldiers, members of special forces, police officers, and 22 helicopters to raid the forest where Usuga was hiding, and broke through 8 layers of defenses, and finally arrested him on the outskirts of Necokli, in the province of Antioquia in the northwest. .

During the operation, a police officer of the Colombian government died.

Duke believes that this operation is the most significant victory of the Colombian drug crackdown in this century.

  50-year-old Usuga is the leader of the Gulf Gang, Colombia’s largest drug cartel, and the leader of a right-wing militia.

Federal courts in Brooklyn and Miami also accused Usuga of smuggling at least 73 tons of cocaine to the United States via Venezuela, Guatemala and other countries between 2003 and 2014.

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