If the voters in Germany did not mean well with the Union parties on September 26th, the CDU fared badly in the eastern German states.

If the reunification party was still represented in the last Bundestag with so many directly elected MPs from the region between the Baltic Sea and the Ore Mountains that the East German MPs were massively overrepresented in the parliamentary group, four weeks ago the situation almost turned into its opposite .

In Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania and Brandenburg, for example, the CDU lost all direct mandates to the SPD, in Saxony the AfD triumphed, only in a handful of constituencies the CDU or SPD were still ahead in the evening.

In one of them, a woman prevailed - and she is now to hold the office of Vice-President of the German Bundestag for the CDU.

Not just a message to women

After Chancellor Angela Merkel stepped down from the political stage, the nomination of Yvonne Magwas from the Vogtlandkreis is not just a message to the women within the party and the parliamentary group that it is worthwhile to persistently fight for your political goals.

The personhood is also a signal to the citizens in the east of our country - even if the office of Vice President of the Bundestag is more of a ceremonial nature: May the shrunken AfD and the even more shrunken Left Party in the Bundestag act as the people's voice, at least that is From now on, there will be greater visibility of those forces who identify with this state and its free and democratic basic order without reservation.

Of course, there is one more man to be mentioned towards the end: not the one who seriously insisted on contesting a CDU woman's place in the Bundestag presidium.

No, it's about the parliamentary group leader Ralph Brinkhaus.

A recommendation on your own behalf?

He resolved a conflict-prone mix of aspirants of two former ministers of state and a parliamentary manager appointed to a higher position by letting a directly elected member of parliament come into play.

If that is not also a recommendation in its own right.

The CDU is looking for strong managers at many levels.

And not only in the Presidium will soon many chairs be vacant.

The chairmanship is also still to be assigned.

Since only men from a single regional association (North Rhine-Westphalia) and a single regional team (Westphalia) are likely to compete for this office, votes from the East and from the ranks of the CDU women are not a bad option.