Ten years imprisonment for an ISIS returnees.

Was an example made in her, as the terrorist thinks?

No, she was not the object of a show trial that served entirely different purposes, but was convicted in a fair trial on the basis of her individual guilt after extensive evidence was given.

Nonetheless, the judgment sets an example that goes beyond this case.

It is a case that has it all. The young woman had not only joined a terrorist group and married an IS man. In his house in Iraq, members of the Yazidi minority were kept like slaves. A five-year-old girl, whose mother has now appeared as a joint plaintiff, apparently died there after being chained in the midday heat. The convicted IS terrorist, meanwhile herself a mother, could have helped the child according to the conviction of the court and was convicted of aiding and abetting attempted murder by omission and of a crime against humanity resulting in death.

This conviction was not easy to win in this first trial, in which IS crimes against Yazidis were accused. After all, not only is the crime scene thousands of kilometers away, the circumstances also seem like from another time. And yet that is the present - also in Europe, also in Germany. After all, IS has ravaged our cities too. And the danger is by no means averted. The terror of the deluded can strike anyone; the concrete blocks in the pedestrian zones are a reminder. Although the IS was successfully stripped of its territorial basis, it still apparently finds recruits, emulators and sympathizers.

She too should achieve a verdict like this.

In any case, previous proceedings have shown that a process based on the rule of law is not without effect.

This applies to the individual as well as to the general public.

Because the punishment should not only affect the perpetrator, but also deter others and defend the legal system.

That, in turn, is a task for the community as such.