Bourges (AFP)

In the convention center of the Berry capital, where around 150 people have come, the president of Ile-de-France assures us: "I am also the patron of a large rural region" with "2 million people. rural ", and" when we say Ile-de-France we think of Paris but Paris is Anne Hidalgo ".

"The urban area that you see on television has also been a reducer of inequalities" and "what I have done in my region, I want to do it for France", she assures before developing her project for the territories: "connected campuses" to the high school to start the university course, local investment funds, abolition of the number clausus to bring back doctors ...

As for the farmers, "you preach an extremely convinced" because "it is not possible to always give them a ladle more, and not to play local", she launches, criticizing Emmanuel Macron who "does not" did not defend the interests of France on the CAP or on industry ".

Six weeks before the congress of December 4 where the LR activists will nominate their candidate, Valérie Pécresse says: "there is no question of carrying out this campaign without coming to the France of the terroirs".

"The easiest would be to make the big federations, the most profitable. This is not my objective", she adds in this small federation (about 400 members), while Xavier Bertrand was on Monday in Chateaurenard (near 'Avignon), and Michel Barnier in Meaux.


To stand out, the candidate, given around 10% in the polls in the first round, less than Xavier Bertrand, is betting on the project.

"My nickname in my region is the lady to do", she assures by promising "a beautiful law" on justice and by defending his pension reform project and his "constitutional law" on immigration .

Does his firm speech carry?

"We are a little disgusted, we need order, in Bourges alone we had two cars that burned down the other day!"

launches Lilianne, 80, who attends her first political meeting.

"I have never had a card in a party, but then why not?"

Valérie Pécresse is however more applauded on education and the family than on immigration.

Defending a speech of "social right", she curls Emmanuel Macron who "makes believe that he is on the right" but who "burns the fund" and "has not reformed".

In the room, Florent, 41, admits to being more on the right wing of the macronie - typical of this electorate of the right and the center that Valérie Pécresse wants to regain.

“I could vote right for her,” who is “able to bring together,” he said.

"We are going to win this election" but "to vote you have to be up to date with your contribution so you have to join or re-join," launches Valérie Pécresse at the end of the speech, who herself left LR in 2019 (she announced there at two weeks she was going to take back her card).

What many keep in mind: "loyalty, oh yes that counts", launches Josyane, in her sixties, who does not hide her preference for Michel Barnier.

Francis, a 60-year-old member, "doesn't like much" either to see the exes coming back in search of support.

But he will vote for the candidate chosen on December 4 by the activists: because in 2022 "it will be complicated, we start from afar. It's all well and good to talk but during this time the others are moving forward".

Recent polls give Marine Le Pen and Eric Zemmour neck and neck in voting intentions, behind Macron, but ahead of the candidates for the LR primary.

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