Fujairah Airport receives the first plane after a 27-year hiatus

Fujairah Airport received the Pakistani plane warmly.

From the source

Fujairah International Airport received the first flights of Pakistan International Airlines after a hiatus of 27 years. The Boeing 777 aircraft arrived yesterday morning at Fujairah Airport from Lahore Airport in Pakistan, with 298 passengers on board.

The reception came by imitation of spraying water and presenting flowers to the passengers, and the airport staff received the passengers, provided a free PCR examination, provided them with all necessary facilities, completed arrival procedures quickly, and applied strict precautionary measures and social distancing in order to preserve the safety of travelers and airport workers.

The Director of Fujairah International Airport, Engineer Ismail Al Balushi, said in a press statement, "Fujairah International Airport received the first flights of Pakistan Airlines after a 27-year hiatus. Passengers, and the ability to deal smoothly in clearing passengers’ transactions with the required speed and ease.”

He stressed that the flights will continue, as the airport will receive two flights tomorrow, the first at four in the morning and the second at one in the afternoon, and the flights will be organized during the coming period by three flights per day from the airports of Peshawar, Karachi and Lahore in Pakistan.

Al-Balushi indicated that the airport’s reception of weekly airline flights confirms the extent to which the airport has passed the challenges posed by the “Corona” pandemic, in which the aviation and hospitality sectors were the most affected by the pandemic, and that attracting Pakistani airlines is a sign of great success for Fujairah Airport, which was able to deal professionally in clearing transactions. Passengers, adding that the airport, in its grandeur, is limited due to the distance from the flight staircase to the external parking, as well as the ease of clearing Corona and passport examination procedures until receiving the bags.

He added that the airport administration is currently working to install Pakistan Airlines flights in their regular form, with two to three flights per day, especially since the airport enables Pakistan Airlines to shorten time and fuel relative to the Fujairah location in the east, where Fujairah Airport is the gateway to the Emirates and its lung to the east.

He pointed out that the administration is negotiating with transport companies to allocate buses to transport passengers of Pakistani flights to other cities, and negotiations are currently underway with other airlines to use Fujairah Airport and enjoy the benefits it provides.

With regard to the Fujairah Airport development project, Al Balushi confirmed that the development work is being carried out as required, including the construction of an air control tower with international specifications, the development of the current runway with a length of 3750 meters, as well as the construction of two new runways with a length of 3050 meters that are implemented in accordance with international standards.

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