Wiesbaden threatens a hot weekend from December 10th to 12th.

Because the AfD wants to hold its federal party conference in the RheinMain CongressCenter (RMCC), considerable protests must be expected.

Six demonstrations have already been registered with the city.

The Wiesbaden “Alliance against the Right” is also forging cooperation with groups from all over Germany in order to jointly protest against the party - commitments from Berlin, Cologne and Frankfurt have already been made.

Commissioner for Order Oliver Franz (CDU) expects thousands of demonstrators, the alliance even hopes for 20,000.

The alliance against right meets at the station forecourt and has registered around 2000 participants for the demo.

The “Alliance for Democracy” wants to show the flag for a colorful Wiesbaden and is also expecting 2000 participants.

Fridays for Future has registered 200 participants who will meet near the RMCC.

The Left Hesse gathers its comrades-in-arms on Wallufer Platz and wants to move from there to the congress center.

The Martin Niemöller Foundation assumes that 100 demonstrators will follow their call and will meet in front of the State Museum.

Another 300 demonstrators are expected at the Brita-Arena, following a call from a private person.

This demonstration has also already been registered.

Groups from many cities

"There will be more demonstrations to follow," a city spokesman was convinced on Monday. For example, shortly after the magistrate's decision to allow the federal party conference in the RMCC, the CDU, Greens, FDP and SPD announced a joint demonstration entitled “Wiesbaden has no room for agitation and misanthropy”. Care must be taken to ensure that the AfD in Wiesbaden “cannot stir up hate, racism, anti-Semitism and xenophobia without being contradicted”, the announcement said, which also called for peaceful protest. However, the demonstration of the four parties has not yet been registered, as the spokesman announced.

The “Alliance against the Right” has meanwhile announced that it will form a supraregional association in cooperation with the nationwide alliance “Stand up against Racism”, which will demonstrate in Wiesbaden. According to the alliance, groups from Berlin, Cologne, Darmstadt, Frankfurt and Mainz have confirmed their participation, and hopes for a total of up to 20,000 demonstrators in Wiesbaden. This number of participants had been reached at earlier AfD party congresses. Nevertheless, it is difficult to estimate how many citizens would demonstrate. When asked whether Antifa members from the so-called black block should be expected, a spokeswoman replied: "Our protest will be diverse, colorful and determined."

At previous AfD party congresses, delegates were prevented from attending.

When asked whether this was also a goal of the demonstrators in Wiesbaden and what other forms of protest are planned, the spokeswoman said: "I don't want to say anything about our specific planning at the moment."

OB wants to take part in demonstration

According to Oliver Franz (CDU), the city and state police are currently coordinating how they can guarantee security.

"The potential for 20,000 demonstrators is there, but that depends on the weather and many other factors, so that a valid forecast is hardly possible at the moment," said Franz. Among other things, the city will inform retailers as early as possible.

"If 20,000 participants should really demonstrate against the AfD party congress, there would be massive disabilities in the city center," warned the head of the regulatory affairs department.

Mayor Gert-Uwe Mende (SPD) will take part in the protests.

“I will definitely show my flag.

I can't say which shape yet, ”he said when asked.

Robert Lambrou, co-spokesman for the Hessian AfD, described demonstrations against party events as "fundamentally democratic".

But they should not aim to disrupt the event or attack the AfD delegates, he said.

"We trust the Hessian police here to separate peaceful demonstrators from leftists who are prepared to use violence."