On Sunday, Eberspächer discovered that they had been subjected to a cyber attack that affected the IT infrastructure.

According to Marie Wiström, all operations Eberspächer conducts have been shut down and the company's global management writes in a press release that they have done what is necessary to protect customers, employees and partners.

The business in Nyköping is wholly owned by Eberspächer but goes by the name Purem.

Just over 200 people work there.

On Monday, only the management team and the goods reception were on duty.

Sunday night shift and day shift on Monday were canceled and during the morning the decision was made that the afternoon shift is also canceled, but the situation can change at short notice.

- Our employees are at home with a salary and we keep them updated on the situation, says Marie Wiström.

At present, there is no forecast for when the situation will be resolved and how much money the interruption will cost the company.

In Nyköping, they manufacture exhaust systems for trucks and buses and their largest customer is Scania.