In Luleå municipality, approximately 1,500 people have security alarms.

How many can be affected in Täby is unclear.

- This does not apply to all alarms, but some of them.

We do not have a figure for the scope yet, says Sarah Hummerdal, press officer at SOS Alarm.

The disturbances varied during the evening and it was not possible to say whether some areas were affected more than others, Luleå municipality states in a press release.

"The home care groups have received information about the disturbance during the evening and we are waiting for more information from our supplier SOS Alarm about what happened and how long the disturbance may last," says Kristin Holmström, operations manager at the social administration at Luleå municipality, in the press release.

- We are working on the problem and hope it will be fixed as soon as possible, says Sarah Hummerdal.