The murder of the hip-hop artist Einár was the 21st fatal shooting in Stockholm County in 2021. In addition, another 30 people were shot during the same period.

- A far too high figure, says Minister of the Interior Mikael Damberg (S) in SVT's Aktuellt.

- We are making an unprecedented effort to crack the gangs now, in the form of giving the police more money, sharpening the penalties and giving the police new tools.

But we must also break new recruitment and have the strength to work preventively, he says.

Secret eavesdropping must be investigated

The police have long emphasized that they want to be able to intercept gang criminals for proactive purposes, ie without there being a concrete criminal suspicion, in order to be able to prevent crimes and stop murders before they occur.

On 27 August, Mikael Damberg presented the government's proposal to give the police a more effective opportunity to use secret coercive measures.

Damberg then said that the matter should be investigated - but the investigation has not yet been appointed. 

- We will, and we are talking about days, not weeks and months, move forward with the issue of preventive interception, so it is definitely a priority area, he says. 

Why has it taken so long? 

- When you are going to investigate something, you must have a basis for it, you must have defined the issue so you know exactly what to investigate.