China's Xi Jinping leadership has announced a new policy on climate change measures, including increasing the proportion of energy consumption other than fossil fuels to 80% or more by 2060.

This was announced by China's Xi Jinping leadership on the 24th as a new policy for climate change countermeasures through the state-owned Xinhua News Agency.

According to this, the ratio of non-fossil fuels such as renewable energy and nuclear power to energy consumption will be increased to about 20% by 2025, then about 25% by 2030, and 80% or more by 2060. It includes things to do.

China has embodied Xi Jinping's statement at the UN General Assembly last September that he would aim for carbon neutrality to virtually eliminate greenhouse gas emissions by 2060.

In addition, in order to achieve the target, the steel industry, which emits a large amount of carbon dioxide, and coal-fired power generation will be strictly regulated, and the development of renewable energy will be actively promoted.

In front of the United Nations Conference on Climate Change Countermeasures "COP26" to be held from the end of this month, it is a form that emphasizes the attitude of actively working on countermeasures as the world's largest greenhouse gas emitting country.