• Covid-19, new outbreaks in China.

    Beijing marathon postponed

  • Covid-19, China will examine 200,000 blood samples collected in Wuhan in 2019


25 October 2021 There are 35 new cases of Covid in the last 24 hours but Beijing's zero tolerance policy towards the virus continues, while in different parts of China new restrictions are being adopted to eradicate small outbreaks: all tourist sites are closed in Gansu, while in some areas of Mongolia the population was ordered to stay indoors due to an outbreak. Today the announcement of the start of vaccinations for children from 11 years of age.

China used mandatory lockdowns, quarantines and testing during the pandemic and largely eliminated the virus by fully vaccinating 1.07 billion people out of a population of 1.4 billion.

The alert for new outbreaks

To counter the spread of the virus from the first signs, Beijing has raised entry restrictions after the latest wave of Covid-19 infections, marked by the presence of the Delta variant that has hit various areas of the country: anyone entering Beijing from areas where infections have occurred must provide the results of a swab carried out no more than two days before departure.

Despite the high pace of vaccination, the government maintains strict rules against the spread of Covid-19 and punishes local officials for failing to comply with centrally issued regulations.

In Ejina, a county on the border with Mongolia, the authorities today imposed a lockdown on all residents.

Public transport suspended in other locations in Inner Mongolia and in the province of Gansu, among the priority groups in the promotion of flu vaccination, according to a document released by the inter-agency task force of the State Council for the response to Covid-19.