Chinanews client, Beijing, October 26 (Zhang Yilin) ​​The new crown vaccination work for minors has been receiving widespread attention.

Recently, many places have started to vaccinate people aged 3-11 against the new coronavirus.

What are the requirements and precautions for children vaccinating the new crown vaccine?

Data map: Medical staff vaccinate students.

Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Bing

Initiation of new crown vaccination for people aged 3 to 11 years in multiple places

  According to data released by the National Health Commission, as of October 23, the country has reported a total of more than 2.24 billion doses of new crown virus vaccines, and the number of people who have completed the entire vaccination has exceeded 1.06 billion.

  Beginning in late July, many places have successively started the new crown vaccination work for people aged 12-17 years.

Recently, many places have begun to deploy new coronavirus vaccination work for people under 12 years of age.

  For example, on the 25th, the Hubei Provincial Health and Health Commission announced that in order to further increase the coverage of the new coronavirus vaccination, build a herd immune barrier as soon as possible, and on the basis of continuing to do a good job in vaccinating people over the age of 12, Hubei Province launched 3-11 New crown virus vaccination work for the aged population.

  Experts from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention said that children's vaccinations against the new coronavirus can effectively reduce the risk of illness, severe illness and death on the one hand; on the other hand, it can establish an immune barrier among children to block the spread of the new coronavirus and protect children's learning and living. Normal operation.

  The Hainan Provincial Health Commission also released news that, in accordance with the overall national deployment, Hainan Province will fully launch the new crown virus vaccination for people aged 3-11 years from October 24.

  In addition, Quzhou City, Jinhua City in Zhejiang Province, Zhuzhou City, Yiyang City, Changde City in Hunan Province and other regions have also issued notices in the near future, clearly starting the new crown virus vaccination work for people aged 3-11.

Data map: Medical staff vaccinated the students.

Photo by He Penglei

How to fight the new coronavirus vaccine for children?

——Where do people aged 3-11 go for vaccination?

  Many places require that people aged 3-11 be managed in accordance with the principles of territorial management and convenient proximity.

You can go to the nearest open new crown vaccination spot for vaccination by yourself, or you can arrange to participate in a special vaccination for students according to the school's notice.

  For example, Hainan Province proposed that students in the school should be notified by the competent department and the school to organize a centralized vaccination at the school (kindergarten), or to receive the new crown vaccination at a new crown vaccination point near their place of residence.

  Quzhou City, Zhejiang Province and other places have made it clear that non-school and kindergarten people should make an appointment by themselves and go to the vaccination point near their place of residence for vaccination.


What kind of vaccine does the

3-11 year old people


  According to local introductions, the state has only approved the inactivated vaccines produced by Sinopharm Beijing Institute of Biological Products, Wuhan Institute of Biological Products and Beijing Kexing Zhongwei Biotechnology Co., Ltd. for inoculation of people aged 3-11.

  In terms of vaccination costs, Hubei Province clearly stated that the new crown virus vaccination for children aged 3-11 still implements a free policy for residents, and the inactivated vaccine (Vero cell) immunization program is 2 doses, with an interval of 3 weeks between each dose.

  Changde and Yongzhou in Hunan also made it clear that starting from October 24, free vaccination of the new crown virus for people aged 3-11 will be launched.

——What are the precautions for vaccination for people aged 3-11?

  According to the current requirements in many places, people aged 3-11 need to be accompanied by a guardian during the entire vaccination process, sign an informed consent form, and carry a vaccination certificate. Some regions such as Hunan and Hubei also clearly require valid identification documents (ID card or residence booklet). ); Personal protection such as wearing masks and one-meter noodles should be done throughout the entire process.

  It is clear in many places. In principle, it cannot be vaccinated with other vaccines (including immunization program vaccines) at the same time, and the interval between vaccinations must be more than 14 days.

  At the same time, experts from the Hubei Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention also specifically proposed that for children who have previously been infected with the new crown pneumonia virus, one dose of the new crown virus vaccine can be given 6 months after infection.

——Is it safe for children to be vaccinated?

  In response to public concerns about adverse reactions, Wang Huaqing, chief expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's immunization program, previously responded that according to the monitoring and analysis of adverse reactions, the incidence of adverse reactions to children and adolescents vaccinated with the new crown vaccine is not higher than that of adults over 18 years of age.

  Recent news released in various places also suggested that according to the clinical trial data of the new coronavirus vaccine that has been marketed in the 3-17 year-old population, the safety of the child group (3-17 years old) after vaccination is good, and the 18-year-old adult group It is the same safe, and at the same time the antibody level is the same as that of adults. Children and adolescents are well tolerated by the new crown vaccine.

Adverse reactions are mainly fever and pain at the injection site.