After the collapse of the dictatorial long-term government, the army couped and seized power in Sudan, Africa, where the army and democratic forces had jointly ruled.

Army fired at protests against this, killing three people and injuring more than 80 so far, raising concerns about further confusion.

On the 25th in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, Prime Minister Hamdok and several ministers were detained, and Mr. Bruhan, the top of the army, declared a state of emergency throughout the country for dismantling the government under the joint rule of the military and civilians, and the army seized power in a coup d'etat. bottom.

In response, in 2019, the democratic forces that led the rebel protests that led to the collapse of the dictatorial Bashir administration called for disobedience and protests against the military, and many responding citizens were on the streets. increase.

The military has been trying to suppress troops by deploying them in urban areas and blocking the Internet, and according to the local medical association, the military has killed three people and injured more than 80 people so far. It means that it was done.

In Sudan, tensions were heightened in October as a conflict between the military and democratic forces developed into a large-scale demonstration by both supporters.

The military has justified the coup as "a measure to save the country from the crisis," claiming that it will hold an election in July 2023 and move it to civilian rule.

In response, the Prime Minister's Office has accused the public of "a coup d'etat against the revolution won by the people," and there are concerns about further confusion as protests spread.

Local Japanese "Demonstration begins and black smoke in multiple places"

Mr. Yasuyuki Yamamoto, a local representative of JVC = Japan International Volunteer Center, an NGO active in Sudan, told NHK's telephone interview, "A coup d'etat was made by international call from Japan before 7 am local time. I knew that there was, and at that time I was in a state where I could not make internet or domestic calls, "he said at the time of the coup d'etat.

Regarding the situation in the capital Khartoum, "It was almost the same as usual in the morning, and small shops were open, but after that it seems that the number of people in the town is decreasing." I could see the people marching from my house while gathering together to protest with trumpets and placards and raising the V sign. I can't contact the staff, so I'm currently waiting at home. However, I can see black smoke rising in multiple places. "

At JVC, two Japanese people, including Mr. Yamamoto, and local staff are providing educational support for children in southern Sudan, and Mr. Yamamoto said, "Since Sudan was finally starting to democratize. It's a shame. It is expected that the resolution of the dispute will be delayed, so I hope it will stabilize as soon as possible. "

UN Secretary-General António Guterres "Strongly Condemns Military Coup"

UN Secretary-General António Guterres issued a statement on the 25th, saying, "We strongly condemn the ongoing military coup in Sudan and call for the immediate release of detained Prime Minister Hamdok and all officials."

He said, "The parties must immediately return to dialogue and act in good faith to restore constitutional order."

Deputy Press Secretary of the White House in the United States "Promptly release the Prime Minister and others"

Deputy spokesman Jean-Pierre of the White House in the United States told reporters on the 25th, "I am deeply concerned about the news that the military has taken power. We call for an immediate release. The United States will continue to strongly support the democratic transition required by the Sudanese people. "