Philippe Bas (LR), the rapporteur in the Senate of the “health vigilance” bill, will propose a series of amendments to set February 28 as the deadline for extending the measures of the text, restricting the possibility of renewing the health pass.

Adopted at first reading last week in the National Assembly after heated debates, the bill passes this week into the hands of the Senate, dominated by the right-wing opposition, Wednesday in committee, then Thursday in the hemicycle.

"Eight and a half months is too much"

Presented by the government as a "toolbox", the bill proposes to extend the use of the health pass and a whole battery of measures to curb the epidemic as part of a post-crisis regime until July 31. 2022. Philippe Bas will propose the date of February 28 to senators. "In keeping with what we have always done, we consider that three and a half months is fine, eight and a half months is too much," said the rapporteur on Monday. "This does not mean that we will not agree in February to renew a certain number of measures, if they prove to be useful," he said.

But for the rapporteur, it is a question of "restrictions on fundamental freedoms, we can accept it when there are no other means to fight against the crisis, but only for a limited period allowing the effective control of the Parliament. ".

Regarding the extension of the possible use of the health pass, initially planned until November 15, the rapporteur intends here also to set limits.

"We agree to renew it, but only under certain conditions," said the senator from La Manche.

"We must prepare for the gradual end of the health pass"

He thus proposes that the use of the health pass is no longer possible in the departments which will have, on November 15, more than 75% of their population vaccinated (ie approximately 90% of over 12 years). "It was presented as a temporary measure", recalls the rapporteur, considering "that it can be renewed where it is justified".

It is based in particular on the latest guidelines from the Scientific Council according to which "we must prepare for the gradual end of the health pass".

He also defends "a virtuous mechanism which rewards the territories which achieve a vaccination rate approaching collective immunity".

The rapporteur will also propose the deletion of the controversial provision introduced by amendment to the National Assembly on knowledge of the vaccination status of pupils by school directors or secondary school heads.

In particular, he underlines the importance of respecting medical confidentiality.


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