UN agencies such as the WFP (World Food Program) have called for immediate humanitarian assistance in Afghanistan, where more than half of the population, or 22.8 million, may face a serious food shortage. ..

WFP and FAO = Food and Agriculture Organization released a report on the food situation in Afghanistan on the 25th.

According to this, 22.8 million people, more than half of Afghanistan's population, are barely required between November and March next year due to economic deterioration caused by the drought and the turmoil after the Islamist Taliban regained power. It is analyzed that there will be a serious food shortage, such as whether the Taliban can eat or become malnourished.

The report warns that WFP and FAO will have the worst food shortages since they began their analysis in Afghanistan ten years ago.

WFP is calling on the international community for urgent assistance, saying that it will cost $ 100 million and JPY 11.3 billion in Japanese yen for assistance activities in Afghanistan over the next three months.

"If we don't strengthen humanitarian aid, millions of Afghan people will be forced to choose between being driven home or starving this winter," said WFP Secretary-General Beasley. If we don't cause it, we will witness a catastrophe. "

Refugees living in a park in Kabul complain of plight

Since August, people who have been displaced from their homes due to battles in various parts of the country have been living in tents for 25 days in the park in Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan.

The Islamist Taliban is not providing food or other assistance to encourage these people to move out.

A 40-year-old woman fleeing from the northern state of Baghlan said, "Neither the Taliban's interim government has supported us so far. I'm told to go home, but I have no money or food to go anywhere. I had a house in my hometown, but it was destroyed by a rocket gun in battle. "

A 46-year-old woman from the same northern province of Baghlan said, "My husband has been killed and lives in a tent. I have no water or food. Today I bought bread for 20 afghani, 25 yen, twice in the morning and evening. I give it to my children separately. We have nothing. "

Taliban to provide in-kind flour as labor compensation

The Taliban, an Islamist power in Afghanistan, announced on the 24th that it plans to provide in-kind flour to people in need of living as compensation for public works labor as the economic downturn worsens food shortages.

According to this, 40,000 people who are unemployed in the capital Kabul will be provided with flour, which is their staple food, in kind if they engage in public works to build a reservoir to store rainwater.

The Taliban plans to provide 66,000 tonnes of flour stockpiled by its affiliated Ministry of Agriculture to carry out similar public works projects in areas such as Jalarabad in the east and Kandahar in the south.

Tullivan's interim administration is calling on the international community to provide humanitarian assistance in isolation from political issues. We have confirmed that we will provide support through the institution.

As Afghanistan faces a tough winter, the focus is on ensuring that the support of the international community is delivered to its citizens under the interim government.