A foreign actor who appeared in Netflix's Korean original drama 'Squid Game' has been accused of abuse in Thailand in the past. 

Recently, in an online community, an article reporting the suspicion of power abuse of actor Jeffrey Giuliano, who played the VIP 4 role in 'Squid Game', is being re-examined. 

According to the British Daily Mail, the New York-born Giuliano pushed other customers and used abusive language at a supermarket in Pattaya, Thailand in August 2017. 

A related video informant explained the situation at the time, saying, "I was standing in line at the checkout counter, and he suddenly appeared and cut me off." He said, "I came to the checkout counter dedicated to 10 or less items and threw 25 items onto the conveyor belt." 

Despite protests from other guests, Giuliano swears in front of his wife and children, shouting, "I'm American. I can do anything I want." 

He even told the informant who was filming the video, "You can't scare me with the camera. I'm learning." 

In response, the informant said, "It's interesting that you talk about America. I'm waiting for what you'll say next." Giuliano said, "We are the kings of the world. We have the highest standards in the world." I did. 

Finally, Giuliano left the supermarket after he said, "Do not interfere in other people's affairs." 

As 'Squid Game' took the number one spot on Netflix worldwide, the video of Giuliano's suspicion of power abuse, filmed a few years ago, has recently begun to receive attention again. 

Netizens who saw the video criticized his actions with comments such as "Is it okay to be rude if you're an American", "I have no concept and you're rude", and "You acted like a VIP in reality, not just in the play".  

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(Photo=Netflix, 'Viral Press' YouTube capture)