La Rochelle (AFP)

An ideal evening for the Maritimes, back in the Top 6 after this third success in a row and who have found an efficient opener-scorer (2 tries and 6 out of 7 at the foot), which they missed so much at the start of the season.

The victim of West, this barrage RCT at the kickoff and who remains so, was deluded in the first period thanks to his defense but will be able to grumble this fate contrary to all points of view.

First on this ball snatched from the hands of Jonathan Danty and recovered by the opportunist West who went on trial (8), then before the break with a try refused by swift Juita Wainiqolo (35), followed by a -before Anthony Belleau after a crossing (37).

What annoy his manager Patrice Collazo, weighing on his bench and who had surely dreamed of a better return on the shores of the Atlantic.

The Rochelais, with their French internationals in good shape, like the imperial captain Grégory Alldritt in the air, Uini Atonio scorer following a penalty (57) and Brice Dulin decisive passer with a pass with his right foot on the Jules Favre's last attempt (80), were thus able to lead their boat quietly.

Often on the retreat, the Var have suffered on each local highlight, like this scrum at 5 meters per half hour which again smiled at ... West for a test in strength between the poles (17 -3).

After the break, the visiting desire to come back came up against crippling waste at this level in the current game and in touch, and fatal indiscipline.

Ihaia West scored 24 points for La Rochelle against Toulon at the Marcel-Deflandre stadium, October 24, 2021 XAVIER LEOTY AFP

On two penalty kicks, Ronan O'Gara's biggest pluses were added by Atonio and Will Skelton (32-6, 61), before the end of the match in management mode, with a new try refused in passing to Toulonnais Attila Septar for a new forward pass (74), to the highlight of the show signed by the duo Dulin-Favre.

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