It was the book fair in Frankfurt again, finally.

Meeting authors, attending readings, browsing through the exhibition halls: wonderful.

For hotels, retailers and the taxi industry, the 2021 Book Fair did not bring the business that it normally brings.

But there were hardly any complaints to be heard.

The event was a ray of hope, so it was said where you asked.

Jacqueline Vogt

Editor in the Rhein-Main-Zeitung, responsible for the Rhein-Main section of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung.

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The book fair was also a place of conflict in highly politicized times. This came to light more than planned on Sunday when the German Book Trade Peace Prize was awarded to the writer Tsitsi Dangarembga from Zimbabwe. The head of the Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Karin Schmidt-Friderichs, praised the 62-year-old award winner as a person who managed to bring society so close to us that “we may not fully understand it, but we do understand it can relate to ourselves and our own shortcomings ”.

Mirrianne Mahn, City Councilor of the Greens in Frankfurt, complained about inadequacies at a later point in time at the award ceremony. She interrupted Mayor Peter Feldmann's speech when he was talking about freedom of expression. She said: Black women authors did not come to Frankfurt because they did not want to meet right-wing publishers. It had not been ensured that these women could have felt safe at the fair, said Mahn. The book fair cannot be a censor, said book fair director Juergen Boos. If a publisher was excluded, he might go to court. Which then possibly decided in his favor, which enabled a triumphant return among the exhibitors. "That would be even worse." So is boycott the right way to protest? Discussion material for the industry.

This event has also taken place again:

the palm garden ball

. The city society in Frankfurt has had the first opportunity to dance since the pandemic began. The need was great, the tickets were quickly gone, the audience was ready to enjoy themselves. Theresa Weiß observed how he succeeded, her conclusion: pretty good.

Names are smoke and mirrors.

Sometimes they are also a little bit mysterious.

Why, for example, is the

Bad Homburg PPR intersection called

exactly that?

Foreigners will hardly be able to answer the question, and probably only a few in the spa town itself.

Most will also be more interested in other things.

That there is always a traffic jam in the morning and in the evening at this intersection, for example.

Our Hochtaunus correspondent Bernhard Biener writes why and also what the three letters PPR are all about.

The former tire renewal plant Peters Pneu Renova has something to do with it.


Tischbein Goethe liked Klaus Gallwitz

not. So little that he wanted to ban it from the showrooms of the Städel. In the end, he actually had it shipped to the depot. What angered the then chairman of the Städel administration, the former Deutsche Bank boss Hermann-Josef Abs, so much that he switched on the Frankfurt cultural department head Hilmar Hoffmann. He instructed Klaus Gallwitz to hang up the painting "Goethe in the Campagna" immediately. After all, the picture is very popular. From 1974 to 1994 the art historian Gallwitz, a man with a certain obstinacy, was director of the most renowned of all Frankfurt art museums. He has expanded his collection to include numerous works by modern painters. Some of the best works that can be seen in the museum's garden halls today come from his era. As it became known on SundayKlaus Gallwitz died on Friday evening. He was 91 years old.

And in addition

, the port tunnel in Frankfurt is closed to motorized traffic from Monday to Wednesday between 9 p.m. and 4 a.m. +++ the Hessian bailiffs' association is demanding that the state government take steps in the fight against the lack of young talent, theatergoers, for example, can enjoy longer training +++ Playing God in Frankfurt while visiting the play of the same name by Ferdinand von Schirach, which is shown in the Fritz Rémond Theater.

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Jacqueline Vogt



on Monday

At first it is foggy, then the sun often shines.

Highs around 14 degrees.


your birthday


Monday October 25th

Bettina Freifrau von Bethmann

, chairwoman of the Society for Frankfurt History, holder of the honor and Goethe plaque of the city of Frankfurt (79);

Bernd Groner

, former head of the chemotherapeutic research institute Georg-Speyer-Haus, Frankfurt, holder of the Goethe plaque from the State of Hesse (75);

Ursula Jungherr

(CDU), President of the State Music Council of Hesse, former Lord Mayor of Bad Homburg (75);

Martin Pudenz

, photographer living in Frankfurt (73);

Burkhard Albers

(SPD), managing director of the local employers' association Hessen, Frankfurt, former district administrator of the Rheingau-Taunus district (62);

Uwe Arnold

, CEO of the Friedrichsdorf metal processing company Arnold AG (60);

Gerhard Schulz

, managing director of the Wiesbaden cultural center Schlachthof (60);

Frank Kilian

(independent), district administrator of the Rheingau-Taunus district (57);

Inez Florschütz

, director of the German Leather Museum, Offenbach (56);